Stop and take a breath of nature

We can make our lives very beautiful if we know little secrets which can help us. Living fast lifestyle is very stressful. However, most of us live like that. Do you remember when was the last time you said: “Ok, this is my day, and I will just relax.”? Today I couldn’t remember when that happened, so I made a decision. At first, I thought that I’ll stay at home, find some good movies and just be in my cozy bed, but I didn’t realize how sunny and beautiful was outside. When I opened a window and let sun rays to touch my face I changed my mind. Suddenly I wanted to sit under the roof of Earth and listen to Mother Nature’s songs. I called my friend, took a backpack with water and some snacks. We walked for an hour, maybe more. It wasn’t such a problem for me, but a friend didn’t stop complaining. She was even a little bit mad at me for laughing, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw how clumsy she is. When we came to the destination, we were stunned. That place is so beautiful. Everything is green and you feel like you are on the other planet. There is no one around. All you can hear is river flowing and wind making the sound similar to whistle while touching treetop.Screenshot_2017-11-09-20-38-52-1-1


I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my free time. We can see trees every day, we can see flowers, blue sky, sun rays. Yes, we can that, but can we feel them, can we notice them with our soul? Today, I could.  I watched how clouds were moving by wind and I felt that same wind on my skin and in my hair. I felt so good about that soft touch.  We became slaves to money, phones, busy schedule. Thinking deeply I realized that’s actually things we made. We create something and that control our life now. What about us controlling it? Don’t you think you would feel so much better if you have one day in a week just for you, without things that surround you all the time? I find my way to rest and to ‘charge batteries’, why wouldn’t you find your way? You remember those secrets I talked about at the beginning? Well, I told you one of them now. Be good to yourself first so you can be good to everybody else.